No Cap featured on KOAA. We need your Help!

No Cap Inc hosted its first successful “Mobile Pop-Up Food Pantry” this past New Year’s Eve. The mission was to feed 100 individuals, providing them with enough food for 1-2 days. That goal was accomplished with the help of fellow board members including Diane McClain and Kia Phillips as well as the selfless volunteers including but not limited to, the creator of Kween Creations and Daviaire McClain. The event ended 2 hours early due to the overwhelming need of the public. All the bags were accounted for by 12:00pm that day, only an hour after the event started. Unfortunately, the crew had to turn a few people away at the end of the event due to all the food being gone so quickly.

This has inspired the organization to host another Mobile Pop-Up Food Pantry, however the bar will be set higher. No Cap Inc will strive to feed 200 individuals by providing them with a weeks’ worth of fresh groceries and other nonperishable food options. Our main priority will be to provide quality, nutritional items as well as packing all items in eco-friendly containers that are reusable to reduce excessive environmental debris.

To accomplish this goal No Cap Inc will need the support from the community. It is important for the community to unite as one and lift thy neighbor. Each community is only as strong as its weakest link. Many families financial structure has changed drastically due to the loss of income or the reduction of work hours. So, it is up to us to lift those families and individuals up. Colorado

To learn more about our organization please email with the subject line stating Learn More. We have plenty of ways for the community to get involved.

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